Foran offers services with responsibility, expertise and transparency, providinf efficient solutions to several applications in the industry. It operates in the areas of thermodynamics, thermal systems, ventilation and special filtration.

Consulting Services for Engineering and Special Projects

FORAN offers specific Engineering consulting services to customers in the areas of thermodynamics, thermal systems, ventilation and special filtration, including:

  • Technical consulting services and custom projects
  • Special thermal system sizing
  • Thermal system automation
  • Technology transfer services
  • Laboratory projects (Architecture and Civil Engineering, 2D and 3D)
  • Biosafety projects
  • Cooling and heating, ventilation and air conditioning system projects
  • Defense projects
  • Architecture and Civil Engineering projects
  • Machine and special equipment projects

Tech support

FORAN offers technical support services to different segments of the industry. The company's after-sales services include:

  • Express maintenance (service provided within 24 hours)
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Technical support to third party's equipment
  • Trainings on equipment operation, maintenance and installation
  • Maintenance and renovation of various thermal systems and test chambers

Custom Services and Solutions

FORAN develops custom projects according to the customers' needs, based on its experience with projects designed over time.

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FORAN ships its products to every region in the world, exporting its product line to several countries, with excellent warranty and technical support conditions.

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FORAN Engineering & Imports is a division dedicated to machine and equipment imports to Brazil. With this division, FORAN innovates by offering special import services - the company is responsible for the integrity of imported goods during the whole warranty period.

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